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Generating Java diagnostic dumps for IBM Integration Bus

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Use the procedures below to collect java diagnostics dumps from IBM Integration Bus (IIB).

Java diagnostic dumps contain:
- all Java threads running in a process (Java core or javacore files)
- objects populating the heap space (Heap dump or heapdump files)
- tracepoint information (Snap trace or snaptrace files)
- internal system information (System dump)

These files can be used to diagnose problems such as lock conditions, loops, or memory allocation in Java code.

Gathering this information before calling IBM Support will help familiarize you with the troubleshooting process and save you time.

Resolving the problem

JavaCore Dump Instructions

New javacore dump commands have been made available from IIB v10.0.0.9, onwards.
- The new procedure uses the mqsichangeproperties command.
- The old procedure uses a custom message flow, and is only applicable for operating systems that use the IBM JRE.

Collection of Java core dumps is an invasive activity and will impact the performance of the Integration Server process.

Java dump command for IIB v10.0.0.9+

Use this command to generate a Java dump on IIB v10.0.0.9+:
mqsichangeproperties <Int.Node> -e <Int.Server> -o ComIbmInternalSupportManager/Java/JVM -n dump -v <dump_type>

The following dump types are supported:

All Platforms

-v heap Produces a Java Heap dump

IBM JRE Platforms (All platforms except HP and Solaris)
-v core Produces a javacore
-v system Produces a system dump
-v all Produces a heapdump, javacore, and system dump

Dump files are output to $MQSI_WORKPATH/common/errors

Java dump procedure for IIB prior to v10.0.0.9

Use this procedure to create an IIB message flow that will trigger a Java dump for an Integration Server:

1. Create a new message flow containing an Input node and a JavaCompute node.
2. In the JavaCompute node, call the method ''.
3. Deploy your message flow to the target Integration Server.
4. Recreate the conditions that necessitate the Java dump.
5. Invoke your message flow by sending a message to the Input node.
6. The dump files should be output to $MQSI_WORKPATH/common/errors.

This procedure requires the use of the IBM JRE.
Therefore, it is not suitable on Solaris or HP platforms which do not use the IBM JRE.

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