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Behaviour of START API with PROTECT option when transaction issues a ROLLBACK

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Why are the following messages - ERZ007054I & ERZ016050W being printed in TXSeries region logs?


ERZ016050W is printed in the region CSMT.out file when a transaction issues a ROLLBACK API like below.


Explanation of ERZ016050W is mentioned in below link:

When user application does an asynchronous start of a transaction using EXEC CICS START API along with REQID and PROTECT options, then the start of the asynchronous transaction will be deferred until the application issues a SYNCPOINT.

If the calling transaction does a SYNCPOINT ROLLBACK, then the scheduled asynchronous transaction must be explicitly cancelled by a user transaction. This can be done through the EXEC CICS CANCEL API mentioned below.


In above statement, user must use the same REQID and TRANSID as specified in the EXEC CICS START command. If the user has not cancelled the REQID which was specified in the START API, this can result in ERZ007054I message to be displayed in the region's CSMT.out file. No further transaction can be scheduled with the same REQID until it is cleaned up.

ERZ007054I/4312 11/21/12 15:02:44.906830790 txreg 688186/0001 FH93: Temporary Storage queue of name 'tsqname1' already exists

If this information message ‘ERZ007054I’ appears in CSMT.out file, you must remove this TSQ entry manually. The TSQ name will be same as REQID mentioned in the program.

Note: This behavior occurs only when PROTECT option is used in the EXEC CICS START API. The PROTECT parameter indicates that the transaction must not be started until the initiating transaction successfully completes the SYNCPOINT.

More information about the PROTECT option is available in the infocenter link:

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