APAR PM77520 XML Native Schema code change may produce incorrect XML output for maps relying on previous behavior

Technote (troubleshooting)


APAR PM77520 / CQ WTX00041083 corrected the XML Native Schema code to create the XML character set output as defined by the XML encoding. Map changes may be required if relying on the previous behavior which always created the XML character set output as UTF-8.


XML output created with incorrect content, garbled characters and / or missing XML tags.


After the APAR PM77520 / CQ WTX00041083 fix is applied, when using the XML Native Schema instead of a type tree, the encoding value is used to create the XML output. Previously the XML output would always default to UTF-8 encoding.

Any map that was relying on the previous behavior may produce incorrect output.

APAR PM77479 provides a method to enable the previous behavior so that map changes are not required to always create the XML output as UTF-8 encoding.

Diagnosing the problem

Maps using an XML Native Schema output card produce the correct XML output until a Core Engine / XML Parser patch is installed, after which the XML output may be created with garbled characters and / or missing XML tags.

Resolving the problem

The APAR PM77520 / CQ WTX00041083 code change may be suppressed by defining the following environment variable:

export WTX_XSD_DIS_ENC=true

Instead of using this variable, the preferred solution is to re-design the map to create the desired character set output using the specified XML encoding value.

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