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How can I force a stop to client side instrumentation and still get a report?

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How can I stop the Tivoli Storage Manager Backup/Archive Client while gathering instrumentation tracing and still get the instrumentation report?


Termination of the Tivoli Storage Manager BA Client will not write out the instrumentation report.


Instrumentation (performance tracing) will only write the instrumentation report if the BA Client session ends. Thus terminating the BA Client (client side)does not properly end a session but rather drops the communication with the server. The solution is to issue a "Cancel Session <session_number>" command from the Tivoli Storage Manager Server which will end the session and cause the instrumentation report to be written on the client side.

To acquire the session number a "Query Session" from the server will provide the current session numbers or the desired session number may also be found in the activity log when the client session starts.

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