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Globalization support for IBM Prerequisite Scanner documentation



Prerequisite Scanner Version provides translated documentation for several languages.


The IBM Prerequisite Scanner Version information center has been translated into the following languages:

• Brazilian Portuguese

• Chinese (Simplified Han)

• Chinese (Traditional Han)

• Dutch

• French

• German

• Spanish

You can also download and view the PDF files of the Quick Start Guide in the following languages:

Language Quick Start Guide
Arabic ips_qsg_ar.pdf ips_qsg_ar.pdfips_qsg_ar.pdf
Brazilian Portuguese ips_qsg_pt_br.pdf ips_qsg_pt_br.pdfips_qsg_pt_br.pdf
Chinese (Simplified Han) ips_qsg_zh_cn.pdf ips_qsg_zh_cn.pdfips_qsg_zh_cn.pdf
Chinese (Traditional Han) ips_qsg_zh_tw.pdf ips_ug_zh_cn.pdfips_ug_zh_cn.pdf
Croatian ips_qsg_hr.pdf ips_qsg_hr.pdfips_qsg_hr.pdf
Czech ips_qsg_cz.pdf ips_qs_cz.pdfips_qs_cz.pdf
Dutch ips_qsg_nl.pdf ips_qsg_nl.pdfips_qsg_nl.pdf
French ips_qsg_fr.pdf ips_qsg_fr.pdfips_qsg_fr.pdf
German ips_qsg_de.pdf ips_qsg_de.pdfips_qsg_de.pdf
Hungarian ips_qsg_hu.pdf ips_qsg_hu.pdfips_qsg_hu.pdf
Korean ips_qsg_ko.pdf ips_qsq_ko.pdfips_qsq_ko.pdf
Polish ips_qsg_pl.pdf ips_qsg_pl.pdfips_qsg_pl.pdf
Russian ips_qsg_ru.pdf ips_qsg_ru.pdfips_qsg_ru.pdf
Slovakian ips_qsg_sk.pdf ips_qsg_sk.pdfips_qsg_sk.pdf
Slovenian ips_qsg_sl.pdf ips_qsg_sl.pdfips_qsg_sl.pdf
Spanish ips_qsg_es.pdf ips_qsg_es.pdfips_qsg_es.pdf

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