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OpenPages Startup Log Captures Trigger Cache Being Reloaded

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How often should the OpenPages startup log capture the trigger cache to be reloaded?


The <servername>-OpenPagesServer<#>-startup.log will capture the trigger cache being loaded when services startup. This log can be found in: OpenPages | aurora | logs. Depending on how many nodes are installed on a particular server, the <#> can change from the default value of 1.

Additionally, the startup log will also capture the trigger cache being reloaded whenever the JobLaunchManager utility is executed. Since the JobLaunchManager creates its own JVM, it will need to cache the trigger content prior to launching any workflows.

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More support for: OpenPages GRC Platform

Software version: 6.0, 6.0.1,,,,,, 6.1,

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Reference #: 1618001

Modified date: 2012-11-20