Utility KCICPRD doesn't work for Omegamon XE for IMS V420

Technote (troubleshooting)


You use ICAT KCICPRD utility to uninstall product Omegamon XE for IMS V420 (I5420) from an RTE. Utility completes with RC=0 but no I5 V420 Icat values are cleared.

Diagnosing the problem

Edit member KI5DINFO inside TKANCUS dataset and check if you have the following coded: COMPVRSN V410

If you have unproper coded 410 (the expected and correct value should be 420) that is why utility is not working.

Resolving the problem

Specify Product Code I5410 in the ISPF panel "Specify Product Code for Variable Pool Deletion" so that such parameter matches what is the component version ICAT is aware of.

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