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How to get the total number of annotations in IBM FileNet Image Services?

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How to get the total number of annotations used in the IBM FileNet Image Services?


Need total count of the number of annotations in the database for Image Services.


Can count the number of annotations from Image Services server using MKF_tool to access the annotations table.

1. This gives a count for each annotation.
<MKF_tool>count annotations *
Total of 420 records counted

This is the only way to directly access annotation counts from the MKF_tool on the Image Services server.
Using a retrieval key is not available for counting annotations.
It will run a full table scan of the annotations table and could take several hours to complete.

Can break it up into groups using the doc_id number, such as:
<MKF_tool> count annotations * where 100000 <= doc_id and doc_id <= 500000
Total of 282 records counted

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Modified date: 07 December 2016

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