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If a new version of a widget is deployed with a different layout, and if users have previously customized the sizing of their widget, they will need to resize and customize the widgets again.


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User customization of the widget size may get affected when a new widget is deployed.


User customization is stored in a database in the BSP_USER_DATA table. This table contains information on last page visited, history, and the widget customization of the user. The widget installation may not initialize the data.



Diagnosing the problem

Check if the user is experiencing widget sizing not designed by the widget developer.

Resolving the problem

Check if the user can resize and customize the widgets as per the need. If not, delete the row corresponding to the user in the BSP_USER_DATA_T table. This will set them to the home page. The users can customize the view after that.

In a large development environment. the widget developer may want to initialize the widget view for all the users, by initializing the user records in BSP_USER_DATA_T.

This is done by deleting the records for the users of the widget in BSP_USER_DATA_T.

You should not delete the ‘bspace.everyone’ row in BSP_USER_DATA_T, as it is a system defined row. Users will lose their home page, and other customized settings if this row is deleted.

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