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Enhance HourGlass V6.1 functionality to provide HourGlass-altered date/time values to users of the MVS STCKSYNC system service



Enhance HourGlass functionality to provide HourGlass-altered date/time values to users of the MVS STCKSYNC system service via PTF UK90305


PTF UK90305 provides an option for HourGlass V6.1 users to retrieve altered date/time values through time requests made via the MVS STCKSYNC service (Store Clock synchronous service). Support for STCKSYNC is provided by installing an HourGlass integration patch.

A new HourGlass customization setting: STCKSYNC=Y|N is provided in the AGGCUSTM program in the HourGlass SAGGSAMP library dataset. This setting can be used to control enablement or disablement of the HourGlass STCKSYNC support feature. The default setting is STCKSYNC=N.

The AGGOPTS program (Options List Utility) has been enhanced to display the status of the STCKSYNC= customization setting.

The AGGVRFY program (install verification job) has been expanded to provide verification for the HourGlass STCKSYNC support feature. The results of both a 64-bit (STCK) STCKSYNC and a 128-bit (STCKE) STCKSYNC* time request are displayed.

A new HourGlass integration patch installation process, AGG$SS, and a new set of integration patches, AGGSSAAA, et al, are provided to make and install the necessary modifications into the relevant MVS modules, in order to integrate HourGlass support into the MVS STCKSYNC service.

Modifications have been made to the AGGLSPC program (TIME LINKAGE=SYSTEM Support) to recognize and handle time requests originating from the MVS STCKSYNC service.

Note: This change only addresses the date/time value returned from the STCKSYNC service request that may be modified by HourGlass. The ETRID value and/or the CTNID value returned from the STCKSYNC service request are not modified by HourGlass in any way.

Implementation of STCKSYNC support.

The following steps are only necessary if you intend to implement the STCKSYNC feature.

To complete the implementation of this function, after installation by SMP/E, please perform the following steps:

1.) Ensure that the new/updated modules and parts are copied to their respective execution libraries.

2.) Following the procedure detailed in the SAGGPINT(AGG$SS) procedure, install the HourGlass integration patch for STCKSYNC support. This will require at least one IPL of MVS.

The HourGlass SAGGPINT distribution library contains the HourGlass Integration Patches, all the AGG$* jobs are located here.

For complete details see member AGG$SS in the HourGlass SAGGPINT distribution library.

For systems implementing STCKSYNC (executing AGG$SS)

WARNING: An improperly configured and/or modified nucleus may cause a catastrophic failure in
the IPL of the z/OS system.

  1. The sample SAGGPINT(AGG$SS) job will copy the MVS nucleus modules into the specified target load library and make the modifications necessary for HourGlass STCKSYNC support.
  2. It is strongly recommended that the Hourglass-modified nucleus module be created under an alternate nucleus suffix number. See the description of the NEWSUF= parameter in the SAGGPINT(AGG$SS) JCL procedure for further information. Having a procedure in place to effect fall-back to the original MVS nucleus from the alternate nucleus modified/created by the SAGGPINT(AGG$SS) procedure is strongly recommended.
  3. Note: Even though only the IEANUC0x nucleus module is actually updated by this procedure, the corresponding IEANUC1x and IEANUC2x modules are also copied to the specified target library in order to provide a complete set of nucleus modules with the specified nucleus suffix number.
  4. After applying the HourGlass STCKSYNC integration patch, the set of nucleus modules created/modifided by this Procedure: IEANUC0x, IEANUC1x andIEANUC2x need to be copied back to 'SYS1.NUCLEUS'. This can be done via another IEBCOPY job or via ISPF 3.3 (copy utility).
  5. Re-IPL the z/OS system using the patched alternate nucleus above. See b. above.

3.) Add a "STCKSYNC=Y" customization setting specification to your HourGlass customization process. Re-execute the HourGlass customization process and restart HourGlass via the AGGOFF/AGGON command sequence.

4.) Verify the functionality of the HourGlass STCKSYNC support by executing the AGGSAMP(AGGBVRFY) procedure.

Note: Once the HourGlass STCKSYNC integration patch has been installed on MVS, the enablement/disablement status of the HourGlass STCKSYNC feature can be controlled via the STCKSYNC=Y|N customization setting.

Note: This functionality is available in HourGlass V7.1 without any PTF requirements.

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Software version: 6.1, 7.1

Operating system(s): z/OS

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Reference #: 1617722

Modified date: 17 December 2012

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