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Information Server QualityStage Geo locator hangs when using Multi Instances

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Can Information Server QualityStage Geo locator run using Multiple Instances?


The QualityStage "Geo locator" processes must be run in series and not in parallel. This will ensure the response file for each process, which is named _MWT, exists and is written accordingly. If run in parallel, the timing can result in Process 1 deleting the files and Process 2 creating the files before Process 1 actually starts CDFSHELL. This will cause a hang in the processing. The first time each process runs a file called _MWT is created and captures the users input parameters.
The CDFSHELL is the program that runs each Geo locator process and the _MWT file is a parameter file that has specific information for the CDFSHELL to reference. Such parameters are; Input and output file locations, layout of input and output and location of Geo locator data bases files.

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