Unable to monitor OSA devices from NetView AON function.

Technote (troubleshooting)


A STOP issued on an OSA device goes unrecognized by AON; a NetView PING cannot reach the device so status is not updated.


When issuing a TCPIP (non NetView) PING command, add the INTF option to force the PING request to go to the OSA and out on the wire toward the switch. Without the INTF option for the OSA interface, TCPIP will simply build a PING reply to the request in the IP/ICMP layer, not in the lower layers and the network. The NetView PING command function was written before INTF/I/-i parm was available so is not coded into the design. AON does not fully support OSA devices in any release of NetView; only OSA packet tracing and sysplex device discovery.

Resolving the problem

The CommServer TCPIP team will make a doc enhancement to further describe the INTF function in their manuals.

NetView has taken a design request (for new function) from the customer to update the NetView PING command for this new parameter.
RFE 28127

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