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DB2 Logs and configuration files for troubleshooting with Tivoli Storage Manager

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What are the various DB2 logs and configuration files that can be used for troubleshooting with Tivoli Storage Manager/IBM Spectrum Protect server?


Problem diagnostics


Different OS platforms place diagnostic files in different places, and can vary by OS release. The easiest way to find them is to determine the DIAGPATH variable in DB2.

For Windows environments:

    > go to Start->Programs->IBM DB2->Command Line tools->Command Window
    > type in: db2 get dbm cfg
    If you have multiple instances, then change variable DB2INSTANCE

For Unix environments:
    > su - db2inst1
    > type in: db2 get dbm cfg
    Look for the line “Diagnostic data directory path (DIAGPATH) =”
    DIAGPATH might be blank; if so, look in default PATH

The DB2diag.log is one of the most important logs as it will have information on:
- Normal activities logged
    Database backups
    Table reorganizations
    Memory management messages (STMM)
    Start and stop of TSM server
    Hardware information logged at instance start time
- Errors/Warnings logged
    4 types: Catastrophic, Severe, Error, and Warning
    If there are DB2 panics/crashes, location of First failure data capture (FFDC) information is logged.
- Entries logged in time-stamped, person-readable stanzas.

DB2 CMD = DB2 get dbm cfg
Displays the configuration parameters used by DB2. Some of the items listed are DB page sizes, container locations, memory size, settings parameters, etc.

DB2 CMD = db2 get db cfg for database-name
Returns the values of individual entries in a specific database configuration file for an instance. This command is run from a DB2 command processor.

DB2 CMD = db2 get snapshot for all databases
There are many different types of DB2 snapshots available. A snapshot returns a collection of data for a given point in time. This command is run from a DB2 command processor.

DB2 CMD = db2set -all
Displays the current settings for the DB2 environmental variables you have set for the instance userid. This command is run from a DB2 command processor.

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