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Tivoli Storage Manager V6+/DB2 Terminology

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What are the similarities and differences in terminology between Tivoli Storage Manager V6+ and DB2?


Terminology may be different or have different meanings.


- Both Tivoli Storage Manager and DB2 use the terms of “active logs”, “archive logs” , and “failover archive logs”. Tivoli Storage Manager collectively refers to these 3 log types as the “recovery log”. DB2 refers to these just as “transaction logs”.

- Tivoli Storage Manager uses the term “directory” for where these logs are to be written. DB2 administrators use the term “container”.

- Tivoli Storage Manager refers to “transactions” while DB2 refers to “units of work” (UOW). There is a 1:1 correlation between the two, and some of the command outputs from DB2 will refer to UOW.

- DDL - The schema for a database is written using what is called DDL, which stands for Data Definition Language. This is not a DB2 term, but it is a language used to define the data structures (such as records, fields, and data) in the database.

- Tivoli Storage Manager uses select statements where DB2 uses SQL and are also sometimes referred to as DML, or data manipulation language statements.

- An Instance is everything required to run a server and is used by both Tivoli Storage Manager and DB2

    Database files
    Log files
    Configuration files (dsmserv.opt, volume history, etc.)
    Storage pool volumes

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