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Installation of Tivoli Storage Manager Server may fail on Linux platforms

Technote (troubleshooting)


The attempted installation of the Tivoli Storage Manager Server on Linux platforms may fail due to the db2prereqcheck command failing to determine the appropriate Linux distribution.


Errors similar to the following are recorded in the db2_inst.log file:

    package (or file) sles-release not found.
    Required minimum level is 10-15.2
    The required minimum version of SUSE Linux is 10 SP 2.
    Check the following web site for the up-to-date system requirements of IBM DB2 9.7 Aborting the current installation ... Run installation with the option "-f sysreq" parameter to force the installation.


Prior to installing the DB2 component, the db2prereqcheck command is executed to verify that the software and firmware prerequisites are met the specific version of DB2 to be installed. The db2prereqcheck command will first read the contents of the /etc/issue file to determine the Linux distribution (RedHat, SLES, etc.). The /etc/issue file is a text file which contains a message or system identification to be printed before the login prompt. By default, the /etc/issue file will contain information about the specific Linux distribution, as seen in the following example:

    # cat /etc/issue
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.2 (Santiago)
    Kernel \r on an \m

If the contents of the /etc/issue file have been modified, this may result in the db2prereqcheck command failing to determine the appropriate Linux distribution which would cause the attempted DB2 installation to fail.

Resolving the problem

Review the /etc/issue file to determine if the file has been modified. The file should contain valid information about the Linux distribution that is running on the host. If necessary, modify the existing /etc/issue file or create a new file containing valid information prior to attempting another installation.

Document information

More support for: Tivoli Storage Manager

Software version: 6.3, 7.1

Operating system(s): Linux

Software edition: Enterprise

Reference #: 1617434

Modified date: 07 November 2016

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