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Clarification on automated actions for pure events

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Which options should you select in case you want to run automated actions when receiving pure events?


Pure situations don't have Sampling interval. Whenever the monitored condition becomes TRUE, the pure situation's state changes to TRUE and the Action gets executed on the agent. The pure situation state continues to remain TRUE indefinitely, until the "until interval" expires, or the event is closed manually.
This is not a problem, if you selected the 'Take action on each interval' option, which for pure situations means to take action every time when monitored condition becomes TRUE.
It becomes a problem, if you selected 'Don't take action twice in a row (wait until situation goes false then true again)'. Since nothing on the agent can set pure situation state back to FALSE, if the monitored condition becomes TRUE again, the subsequent action will never get executed . The rule for pure situations: if action is executed on the agent, you should always select 'Take action on each interval'.


For example, you have a situation like this:
*IF *VALUE OS400_Message.Message_Queue_Library *EQ SMILEBASE *AND *VALUE OS400_Message.Message_Queue *EQ SMINMSGQ *AND *VALUE OS400_Message.ID *EQ CPF9897

(this is an example for the i5/OS agent, but is applicable for every agent and every attribute group that delivers pure event data)

This is a simple situation. It is evaluated and executed on the agent without TEMS involvement.

Since your situation has "Don't take action twice in a row" and "Display Item", only one take action is executed for consecutive events with the same display item.

For example, suppose you received these events:
A - Situation:System:KA4<0000000180> is occurring
B - Situation:System:KA4<0000000180> is occurring;
C - Situation:System:KA4<0000000280> is occurring;
D - Situation:System:KA4<0000000180> is occurring;
E - Situation:System:KA4<0000000280> is occurring;
F - Situation:System:KA4<0000000180> is occurring;

Take actions will be executed for A, C, D, E, F
No take action for B because display item <0000000180> is the same as in A. F is executed because the previous event has a different display item value.

Events with the same display item are treated as consecutive events even if they occurred on different days.

Suppose you received these events:
Day 1:
A - Situation:System:KA4<0000000180> is occurring
B - Situation:System:KA4<0000000280> is occurring;
C - Situation:System:KA4<0000000380> is occurring;

Day 2:
C - Situation:System:KA4<0000000380> is occurring;
A - Situation:System:KA4<0000000180> is occurring
B - Situation:System:KA4<0000000280> is occurring;

In day 2, take action for C is not executed because the last event in Day 1 was for the same display item.

The TEP Situation Editor Action tab is not clear how ITM handles actions for pure events, and should display a different set of options for pure event situations:
1) "Take action on each interval" should say "Take action on each event"

2) "Don't take action twice in a row" option should be available for pure event situations only if situation has display item.

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