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Change in license server log file for checkout and checkin operations.

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IBM Rational License Key Server log file displays additional information separated by #u#, #s#, #h#, #d# or #p#
Following are the additional information displayed:

- User name
- Host name
- Session ID
- Product name
- Display Name


The license server log entry for checkout and checkin operations can contain the following information :

a. User Name: User who checked out the license

b. Host Name: Host from which the user checked out license

c. Display Name: Identifies the display from which the checkout was issued.

d. Session ID: A unique identifier for every checkout.

e. Product Name: Name of the product that has checked out the license.

Each of the above field is demarcated using a separator:
a. UserName delimiter : #u#
b. SessionID delimiter : #s#
c. Host Name delimiter : #h#
d. Display Name delimiter : #d#
e. Product Name delimiter : #p#

All the above fields would be enclosed within square brackets '[' and ']'.

Example :

a. Checkout and checkin requests for a floating license:
17:27:32 (ibmratl) OUT: "ClearQuest" [ ClearQuest#p#]
17:27:56 (ibmratl) IN: "ClearQuest" [ ClearQuest#p#]

b. Checkout and checkin requests for a token license:
17:41:48 (ibmratl) OUT: "ClearQuest" [ ClearQuest#p#]
17:41:48 (ibmratl) IN: "ClearQuest" [ ClearQuest#p#]
17:41:48 (ibmratl) OUT: "TLSTOK" [ ClearQuest#p#] (2 licenses)

17:42:07 (ibmratl) IN: "TLSTOK" [ ClearQuest#p#] (2 licenses)

Note :
1. In the example b. the parent feature name (ClearQuest) gets printed in the IN/OUT lines for the TLSTOK feature.
2. Both the examples are samples only, and may not be exactly same as what a ClearQuest user would see.
3. In the above examples:
- User name is Mike
- Session ID is: abcgea91nk9
- Host name is:
- Product name is: Rational ClearQuest
- Display name is empty. Hence is not printed.

Document information

More support for: Rational License Key Server
Rational License Key Server

Software version: 8.1.2, 8.1.3, 8.1.4

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 1617308

Modified date: 30 August 2013

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