Reprocessing Prospect Ericsson EVDO RAW data files.

Technote (troubleshooting)


Reprocessing of Ericsson EVDO data involves manual intervention. The reason for reprocessing these data files can vary from a problem with the server to noticeably smaller processed EVDO data files and lower PEG counts in the reports.


Daily reports will show lower than normal PEG counts for a few time periods and the corresponding data files in the $PROSPECT_HOME/../ftpIN/MTX<#>/ok directory are noticeably smaller than other data files.


There are multiple causes for a EVDO RAW data file to not be processed correctly the first time. They include system problems that would cause the processing script to fail. Missing remediated data files in the $PROSPECT_HOME/ftpIN/MTX<#>/1xParsed directory, missing concatenatedrncquery configuration files in $PROSPECT_HOME/../ftpIN/evdo_cfg directory.


Prospect Ericsson EVDO RP 16.8, Prospect Core 807

Diagnosing the problem

The best way to determine the need to reprocess the EVDO data RAW data files is to look at the already loaded data files in $PROSPECT_HOME/../ftpIN/MTX<MTX#>/ok directory. The data file size will vary little on a given day. If a few of the data files are much smaller, the first task will be to reprocess the data files.

Resolving the problem

To reprocess the files:

for example, if you have identified files in $PROSPECT_HOME/../ftpIN/MTX16/ok directory you want to reprocess:


You need to know the EMSIP address by viewing the $PROSPECT_HOME/msc_list, or use " -list" command:

> -list | grep <RNC_NAME>

<RNC_NAME> 10 10 30 <RNC_NAME>. RNC Y

The 7th field of the record returned will be the EMS IP.

Identify the files in the 1xRaw directory:

cd $PROSPECT_HOME/../ftpIN/MTX16/1xRaw

> ls -lart*

When the RAW data files are first put into the 1xRaw directory they have the format:


After they are picked up by the script, the file is renamed to


this is so the script will not try and process the file again.

With that in mind, if you want to have the raw file reprocessed, you just have to do the following:

> gunzip
> mv
> grip

The script which runs from CRON will then pick up the file again and reprocess it.

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