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Backups fail with ANS9365E RC 16053 if VMware Backup Tools is not installed.

Technote (troubleshooting)


Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments backups will fail if the VMware Backup Tools component is not installed or did not upgrade successfully.

Diagnosing the problem

The dsmerror.log will contain the following error:
MM/DD/YYY HH:MM:SS ANS9365E VMware vStorage API error.
TSM function name : vddksdkOpen
TSM file : vmvddksdk.cpp (1321)
API return code : 16053
API error message : One or more required subsystems failed to initialize

SERVICE tracing will contain the following messges:

MM/DD/YYY HH:MM:SS.TTT : vmvddksdk.cpp( 930): VixDiskLib: Could not load default plugins from .\plugins\disklibplugin.dll: Cannot open library: The specified module could not be found.
MM/DD/YYY HH:MM:SS.TTT : vmvddksdk.cpp( 930): VMware VixDiskLib (1.2) Release build-323406
MM/DD/YYY HH:MM:SS.TTT : vmvddksdk.cpp( 930): Using system libcrypto, version 90809F
MM/DD/YYY HH:MM:SS.TTT : vmvddksdk.cpp( 954): VixDiskLib: Failed to load vixDiskLibVim.dll : ErrorCode = 0x7e.

Resolving the problem

1. Rerun the installer on the Proxy system.

2. Choose 'Modify' or "Custom' when prompted.

3. Scroll down until the VMware Backup Tools component is visible.

4. Select the toggle and then select 'This feature will be installed on local hard drive.'

5. Complete the installation.

Document information

More support for: Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments
Data Protection for VMware

Software version: 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 7.1

Operating system(s): Linux, Windows

Reference #: 1617234

Modified date: 2012-11-15