TPMfOSd PXE boot failure and unable to log on to the Web UI

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Periodically, we experience problems with PXE booting targets. Sometimes the PXE boot is slow or fails completely. When this occurs, we are also unable to log on to the TPMfOSd Web UI. Restarting TPMfOSd does not fix the issue.
What is causing this problem?


When the TPMfOSd log directory, C:\TPMfOS Files\logs, gets very large, it can cause the rembo process to hang or operate very slowly. The specific log file causing this problem is the boot.trc file.

When the TPMfOSd log directory becomes bigger than 400 MB, you have to clear the directory and recycle TPMfOSd to recover. APAR IV31313 has been created to address this issue and will be included in TPMfOSd

As a work around, you can configure TPMfOSd to automatically truncate the log files based on age.

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