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How to isolate High CPU usage for Informix?

Looking at the OS statistics, sometimes it can be observed that 'oninit' process(es) corresponding to the configured CPU-class virtual processors, use an high percentage of the server CPU
Such high CPU usage events are short peaks and not the normal condition.

Here are a few ways to associate to each Informix running session the amount of CPU that is being used by it.


  • You can do onstat -u to get session ids then onstat -g ses <sessionid> to
    get threads. Finally do onstat -g ath to list threads and and look at the ones which have a status of running.
  • You can see active threads with 'onstat -g act -r 2'. This will show you active
    threads every 2 seconds. If you will see same thread repeatedly, then you can
    use value of 'rstcb' column of previous output to catch session:

    onstat -u | grep value_of_rstcb
  • Then you can get sql causing high CPU utilization with onstat -g ses session_id"

    You can use this sql to create a list of sessions sorted on the highest amount of cpu and including the sql the session is currently running ( note that the current sql might not be the one that used so much cpu ):

    SELECT s.sid, s.username, s.uid,, s.hostname, t.tid,, t.statedesc, t.statedetail, q.sqs_statement, t.cpu_time
    FROM syssessions s, systcblst t, sysrstcb r, syssqlstat q
    WHERE t.tid = r.tid AND s.sid = r.sid AND s.sid = q.sqs_sessionid
    ORDER BY t.cpu_time desc;

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