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Can the IBM Connections application for the BlackBerry be distributed from the BlackBerry App World in a restricted manner instead of using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server to push the application?


BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.2 and above, provides IT Policies that allows an administrator to restrict which applications a user can install from the BlackBerry App World.
Older versions of the BlackBerry Enterprise Server only offered one option in regard to an IT Policy for BlackBerry App World access: either full or no access. BlackBerry administrators used this policy to restrict their users from accessing the BlackBerry App World due to security concerns.

New IT Policies
BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.2 added new IT policy rules that allow an administrator to identify specific apps that a user can install from the BlackBerry App World. The following is a list of the new policies:

  • Application Restriction List – Add the IBM Connections AppID, 52232, to this list.
    Note: You will also need to add the AppID’s of any other approved applications to this list. We recommend that you add the App World AppID, 1, to this list as well so you can receive updates for the BlackBerry App World application. Use the instructions in the following article to find the AppID of other applications to add:
  • Application Restriction Rule – Set this rule to Allow. Please be aware that once you set this rule to Allow, only the applications listed in the Application Restriction List IT policy rule are installable from the App World. Note: All applications will still appear in the App World after the white list is defined. Your user's will receive a prompt stating that the Administrator has restricted the installation for applications not included in the white list.
  • Disallow Third Party Application Downloads – Set this rule to No. If it is set to Yes, then downloads from the BlackBerry App World will fail.
Apply these policies to a test group and evaluate the results, before pushing the policies to all of your users. Utilizing these steps will create a white list for app installs from the BlackBerry App World. For more details, please consult the BlackBerry App World policy group section in the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Policy Reference Guide:

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