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How are the Information Server CASS database file expiration dates calculated?

Technote (troubleshooting)


At present there is a way to determine via the Director Logs when the CASS database files will be close to expiring. There is a warning that is generated within 30 of expiration that indicates when the files will expire. Is there more information as to how these expiration dates are calculated?

Resolving the problem

The USPS reference files are always dated the 15th of each month.  The month is included in the name of the files downloadable from the IBM site. The CASS database files are valid for 105 days from creation. When USAC/CASS is run, the current year and day are determined by these C statements:

tmbuf = localtime(&ltime);
sprintf((char *)curYear, "%d", tmbuf->tm_year + 1900);
sprintf((char *)curDay, "%d", tmbuf->tm_yday);

The date of the database is always the 15th of the release month. USAC/CASS determines the date of the database by an lseek into the monthly binary database files (again based on the 15th of the delivery month)

So based on the calculation noted above, we can conclude that the expiration date can be      
calculated as 105 days after the 15th of the month for which the module   
was 1st published.

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