When does createOrder API consumes the reserved inventory

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When does createOrder API consumes the reserved inventory


createOrder API inserts an OPEN_ORDER demand in yfs_inventory_demand

table. In the scenario when there is no shipnode on orderline the
OPEN_ORDER demand has blank ship node key. The OrderLineReservation
table has a ship node. When shipnode at orderline is not matching the
shipnode at OrderLineReservation, createOrder creates only RSRV_ORDER
demand but OPEN_ORDER demand does not change. When orderline has
shipnode and if it matches with OrderLineReservation shipnode,
createOrder creates negative OPEN_ORDER demand for quantity given in
OrderLineReservation. If this quantity is equal to ordered qty,
OPEN_ORDER demand becomes zero and there is only RSRV_ORDER demand for
the order.
In case of reservations from multiple nodes for the same orderline :
1. If a particular shipnode is passed at the order line, the OPEN_ORDER
demand for that node would be removed and only RSRV_ORDER would remain.
However, for the other node both OPEN_ORDER as well as RSRV_ORDER demand
types would be present.
2. If a ship node is not passed at all at the order line, OPEN_ORDER as
well as RSRV_ORDER demand types would be present for all the nodes.
Since, a ship node which would match for both the reservations can not
be passed, it would not possible to avoid this extra demand
getting created in case of multiple reservations. For single reservation
on an order line this can be avoided by passing the ship node at the
order line as observed by you. The demand picture would get corrected as
the order moves to scheduled.

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