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What do reftype and reflevel attributes mean in the output of searchForResourceTypeByName?


An example of the searchForResourceTypeByName (for CellArea type) would be:

<attr name="REGION_ID" label="REGION_ID" reftype="Location" reflevel="Region"/>
<attr name="H_RNC_ID" label="H_RNC_ID" reftype="UTRAN" reflevel="H_RNC"/>
<attr name="BSC_ID" label="BSC_ID" reftype="GERAN" reflevel="G_BSC"/>

If we take the following line as an example:
<attr name="REGION_ID" label="REGION_ID" reftype="Location" reflevel="Region"/>

it means REGION_ID is a reference to the Region level of the Location resource type.

Hence, any REGION_ID that you wish to provision through the CellArea CSV must refer to an existing Region in the Location type.

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