ANR9999D_2547733210 (ndlog.c:XXX) Thread<XX>: NDMPLOG: E Medium error

Technote (troubleshooting)


Backups fail with ANR9999D_2547733210 NDMPLOG: E Medium error.


The NDMP device is generating 'E Medium Error' messages.

Resolving the problem

Review the Activity Log for the following message in addition to ANR9999D_2547733210 messages, if 'live' backups of an NDMP device are being performed:

ANR0102E tocbuild.c(xxx): Error 1 inserting row in table "NDMP.Image.Contents(TEMP)"

If any ANR0102E messages are found, refer to the 'Related URL' section of this document.

Otherwise, contact the NDMP device vendor for assistance in determining why the device is generating the 'E Medium Error' messages.

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Tivoli Storage Manager NAS Backup fails with ANR0102E

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