Change in the "Config Editor" functionality for devices using "Standard" drivers in ITNCM 6.3.

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In pre-6.3 versions of ITNCM, the customers used to be able to edit the configs, for devices using "Standard" drivers, in the "Config Editor" portion of the ITNCM GUI. The whole config would display in a CLI text box and the customer could make changes there, that could then be pushed to the device. In 6.3, that option is no longer available. Why was that functionality removed?


Prior to 6.3, NCM allowed customers to use the "Config editor" to push config changes for standard drivers (worked just like smart modeled drivers). For this to work though, NCM had to use an empty schema and relied on the "standard driver" (built by the customer) to do the best job it could. This worked most of the time, but as "standard driver" usage increased, some drivers were not resilient enough to handle the unexpected inputs. This resulted in customers experiencing fatal errors.


Engineering made this change to the "Config editor" functionality in 6.3, to prevent this scenario from happening in the future. In the upcoming 6.4 release, the "Config editor" option for standard drivers has been completely removed.

The desired approach to managing devices using "standard drivers" is for customers to use IDT and Native Command Sets to push config changes to these devices.

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