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Use of the Oracle Wire-protocol ODBC driver is taking almost a factor of 2 times longer to download data

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When comparing the Oracle wired protocol ODBC driver against the Oracle non-wired protocol driver, the wired protocol driver is taking almost twice as long to bring back the same data within Modeler. Both of these drivers can be acquired through the SDAP 6.1 package provided by IBM SPSS.




Although the non-wired protocol ODBC driver is provided through SDAP it is not supported by Modeler.

Do not rely on this ODBC driver for use in Modeler. The wired protocol driver provided by SDAP is supported by Modeler. This driver may reflect slower performance over the Oracle client based non-wired based ODBC driver.

Additional information may be obtained through DataDirect's website to tailor ODBC drivers setting to your environment.

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Modified date: 07 September 2016

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