How to configure the context root for two Workplace XT installations on the same server.

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How do we configure the context root for two WorkplaceXT installations on the same server?


One Deployment Manager (DMGR) that manages a node AppServer1. There are two instances of Workplace XT installed on the AppServer. How do we configure the context root for the two WPXT installations when they are on the same server?

Resolving the problem

**Note: These instructions assume the P8 integrator is already installed on the AppServer profile.

1) Navigate to <IBM Forms Server install dir>/ServicesPlatform/extensions directory

2) Copy the entire extensions directory and name it 'extensions2'

3) From <Workplace XT install dir>/WorkplaceXT/WEB-INF/classes directory, open in a text editor

4) Modify the extensions variable to be the directory of the other 'extensions' directory

Unix: extensions=opt/IBM/FormsServer/8.0/ServicesPlatform/extensions2

Window: extensions=C:\Program Files\IBM\FormsServer\8.0\ServicesPlatform\extensions2

5) Open the file in a text editor. The file is also located in the extensions directory. Set the second context root.

ibm.ReturnDataPipe.renderForm.referer=jxpath:concat("/<context name>/
"&renderID=", $data/request/parameters/renderId)

6) Backup the web_client.war and web_client.ear from the <Workplace XT install dir>/deploy directory

7) Run the file for Unix based operating systems or create_web_client_war.bat for Windows operating systems.

8) Run the file for Unix based operating systems or create_web_client_ear.bat for Windows operating systems.

9) Deploy the second WorkplaceXT app.

**Note: In a production environment, when you have a second AppServer profile (AppServer2), the API must be installed and configured on the second AppServer profile. All other instructions would then be duplicated as long as the first WorkplaceXT instances on AppServer1 and AppServer2 share the same context root and translator. Meaning the two instances of WPXT1 point to the same extensions directory as defined in the example below. When the context roots are all different for each instance of WorkplaceXT and/or point to different Translators, then each WorkplaceXT instance would need its own extensions directory.

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