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Inactive objects not being expired

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System shows numerous objects as INACTIVE, so why does expiration not expire these objects?


The inactive objects belong to a group and the group leader is still active, therefore the Tivoli Storage Manager will not expire the inactive object.


Grouped objects, such as SYSTEM STATE or SYSTEM OBJECTS, are bundled together as a group and each object is ether classified as a Peer Group Member or a Peer Group Leader. There can only be one leader per group, all other objects are considered members.

When a Peer Group Member becomes inactive the object is then up for deletion during expiration. However, during the expiration process the inactive Peer Group Member is not deleted because the Peer Group Leader is still active. To expire an inactive grouped object it is either an all or nothing approach, meaning, if the Peer Group Leader is inactive and has been expired then the rest of the group is ready to be removed as well. As long as the Peer Group Leader is active the group will stay in tact and nothing will be expired until the Peer Group Leader is expired. All Peer Group Members will be skipped during the expiration process while the Peer Group Leader is active.

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