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ILMT 7.5.0.x server upgrade fails with CODIN0501E error message

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Why does 'CODIN0501E' error message appears when upgrading ILMT


Problem description
The upgrade of ILMT 7.5 to fails with the message:
CODIN0501E The current version of Tivoli Integrated Portal is, which is too low. You must upgrade Tivoli Integrated Portal to version before you install the IBM License Metric Tool fix pack

Upgrade of TIP from to fails with the message:
FAIL: Installed ILMT_TAD4D_RootIU is not certified with tip2.2.0.7.Certified versions: Call IBM support.



You need to ensure you have the most recent FIT files for the intended TIP Fix Pack.
LMT and are both supported in the latest FIT version for TIP


By default, FIT files are located under the following path:
where 'tip_home_dir' is the default directory of your TIP installation.

For example:
C:\Program Files\IBM\TIP9\profiles\TIPProfile\etc\fit


FIT files can be downloaded from IBM Fix Central. (click here to get to the IBM Fix Central Website)
For example, the FIT package for TIP is: 2.2.0-TIV-TIP-FITSuit-FP0007v3

The readme files for TIP Fix Packs cover the FIT package requirement. You can download the TIP Fix Pack readme files from Fix Central as well (e.g. 2207-fixpack-guide-PDF.pdf).

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More support for: IBM License Metric Tool

Software version: 7.5

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

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Modified date: 05 September 2014

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