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"db2support -purescale" does not include the CF related lines for db2nodes.cfg information

Technote (troubleshooting)


The CF(cluster caching facility) related lines of the db2nodes.cfg file are not recorded in the "DB2 EEE nodes information" section of the db2support.html file when db2support -purescale is collected.


The db2support.html file collected when db2support -purescale is executed contains partial data from the db2nodes.cfg file in the "DB2 EEE nodes information" section. The CF related lines are parsed out, and only MEMBER information is seen in this section.


Current design of data collection is to parse out the CF related lines from the "DB2 EEE nodes information" section of the db2support.html file, and render only MEMBER information. Sample output where we are missing the CF information and this could be misleading if there is a problem with the db2nodes.cfg file.

DB2 EEE nodes information

SD member configuration

     Number of nodes in db2nodes.cfg is: 4
     Current node number is: 0

     Node information from the db2nodes.cfg file:

     0 0 hotellnx63_ib0 - MEMBER
     1 1 hotellnx63_ib0 - MEMBER

Diagnosing the problem

Compare the output of the db2nodes.cfg file in <instance_home>/sqllib/db2nodes.cfg to the output in the db2support,html file collected using db2support -purescale.

Resolving the problem

Detailed information for the CF is displayed in other sections of the db2support.html file, namely "GPFS collection", "db2cluster list", and "db2pd cfinfo". This is done to avoid redundancy in the db2nodes.cfg file. If you want to see all entries for the CF, collect the db2nodes.cfg output in addition to the file produced by db2support -purescale.

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Modified date: 18 November 2015

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