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Setup OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging site in an Air-Gapped Network


A number of tools are downloaded onto the console machine in order to use the OS Deployment site or downloaded by the clients during actions. Files need to be manually downloaded and cached on the console as well as in the uploads directory of the server.

The following files should be downloaded and placed within %TEMP%\OSDeployment on the console machines.

Note: If your console machine is behind a proxy, you will need to perform this step.

The following files should also be renamed as their respective sha1s and placed in the Uploads directory on the IBM Endpoint Manager server.

Note: You can use the relevance debugger (QnA debugger) to find the sha1 of each of these files by using the following relevance expression:

(name of it, sha1 of it) of files of folder "c:\AirgapOSD"

where c:\AirgapOSD is the folder to which you downloaded the files.

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