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Is there a universal script or utility that can be executed to assist Lotus support in troubleshooting Domino performance issues on UNIX ?


Yes, the perf.sh script, below, can be executed to help aid in troubleshooting a Domino server performance/hang issue, specifically with high CPU issues. It can be used in conjunction with the Domino server NSD to help identify the thread using the most CPU. Once that is identified then that thread can be correlated in the NSD to a stack to determine what it is doing on the server.
To prevent any ^M characters in the file transfer in ascii mode or use WinSCP. Once on the UNIX system please check the file for any ^M characters using the command "vi perf.sh".


Detach the file above and copy over to the OS.
Make sure the file has the appropriate execute permissions and run perf.sh as root.
The script can be ran on the OS from any directory as follows:

# ./perf.sh

The output to the OS terminal session when the script is executed is below. It will generate a file with the naming convention perf_<year>_<month>_<day>@<hour>_<minute>_<second>.log in the current directory, which should be submitted to Support.

    Data collection will take about 1 minute. Please wait until it completes.
    **Capturing OS Level Information
    **Capturing Filesystem Information
    **Capturing Process Table Information
    **Capturing Additional Process Stats
    **Capturing Process Thread Information
    **Capturing I/O Stats
    **Capturing Processor Usage
    **Capturing Memory Stats
    Data collection is complete. Please send /data/domino/perf_2011_10_05@02_38_54.log to IBM Lotus support.

This script can be ran on AIX, Linux or Solaris platforms.

If the file contains any ^M characters then you will see them at the end of the lines in the script. Then do the following:

vi perf.sh

Then hit Esc -> Shift : (colon)
This will bring you to a : (colon) prompt


(To get ^M, hit Ctrl V then Ctrl M)

Hit Enter
Then do Esc --> Shift + : --> wq!

The above may not work on Linux to clear the ^M characters, if that occurs then execute the following command against the file:

dos2unix perf.sh

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