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  • Learn to effectively issue and manage actions. Console operators familiar with product terminology and computer administration benefit the most from this presentation. Topics include action purpose and sources, content document structures, how to manage actions, client evaluation, and best practices.
  • Runs 37 minutes:

  • Discover how to create and manage baselines. Designed for console operators familiar with product terminology, console navigation, and computer administration. Explores baseline management, client evaluation, and best practices.
  • Runs 31 minutes:

  • Identify conditions that inform action status, to manage or troubleshoot actions based on status values. Best suited for console operators familiar with action purpose and structure (as covered in video 120, "Action Lifecycle"). Includes best practices for action deployment and for action troubleshooting.
  • Runs 37 minutes:

  • Respond to communications issues between clients, relays, and server. Intended for administrators who maintain the deployment, this presentation is of most value to viewers familiar with product terminology, console operation, plus basic computer and network administration. Focuses on component communication behaviors, services and logs, monitoring and troubleshooting tools, plus troubleshooting strategy and techniques. Includes best practices.
  • Runs 39 minutes:

  • Acquire essential knowledge of communications between platform components. Of most value to administrators who plan, implement, or maintain the deployment, and who have basic knowledge of computer and network administration. No expectation of product knowledge. Covers purpose of management console and content, product governance model, plus platform component responsibilities and communication behaviors.
  • Runs 40 minutes:

  • When a relay fails, it can cause concern. When many fail at the same time, it can cause panic. Knowing how to respond is the best remedy. Whether you are familiar with relay management or just getting started, take an accelerated journey into what a relay does, how to monitor performance, and consider the causes and effects of relay failure. Learn how to identify and respond to cascading relay failure, how to limit the scope of the problem should it occur, and how to lower the risk of it happening at all. This presentation is of most value to people who are familiar with console operation, platform component behavior and configuration. Topics include the IBM Endpoint Manager relay, relay performance monitoring, relay failure (causes and effects), and cascading relay failure.
  • Runs 24 minutes:

Support Technical Exchanges

Although these videos were created initially to assist TCM customers in migrating to the TEM plaform, the information presented in these videos is general and can be used by anyone attempting to learn how to use the TEM platform and product:

Support Technical Exchanges (STE's) and IBM Education Assistants (IEA's)

Training Resources:

Miscellaneous YouTube Videos

Introduction to IBM Endpoint Manager (Webinar Recording)
Runs 41 minutes

IBM Endpoint Manager - Version 9.0 Installation
Runs 10 minutes

IBM Endpoint Manager 9 - Console Usage Quick Start
Runs 12 minutes

Microsoft® Windows® Cluster Patching
Runs 4.5 minutes

IBM Endpoint Manager 9 - Patch for Windows Quick Start
Runs 16 minutes

IBM Endpoint Manager - Getting Started with Patch Management
Runs 16.5 minutes

IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager: Patch Management
Runs 6.5 minutes

IBM Endpoint Manager 9 - Software Distribution Quick Start
Runs 19 minutes

IBM Endpoint Manager 9 - Asset Discovery & Inventory Quick Start
Runs 12 minutes

IBM Endpoint Manager - What are Fixlets?
Runs 5 minutes

IBM Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis 2.2 (playlist)

  • Managing custom catalog
  • Creating roles and users
  • Setting up computer properties and groups
  • Creating contracts

IBM Endpoint Manager, Content Development Series
  • Introduction
  • Relevance 101
  • The Fixlet Debugger
  • Property of an Object

IBM Endpoint Manager for OS Deployment
Runs 5 minutes

IBM Endpoint Manager - Security Configuration Management
RUns 10 minutes

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