Announcing IBM Support Assistant V4.1.4 Workbench (Fix Pack 4)

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The IBM Support Assistant V4.1.4 Workbench (Fix Pack 4) is now available for installation. This is a minor update which addresses a defect in the 4.1.3 release where accessing the Help system from a tool in the Workbench causes an HTTP 500 error.


A defect was introduced into the IBM Support Assistant V4.1.3 Workbench fix pack that caused access to the Help system to throw an HTTP 500 error when launched from an installed tool. The IBM Support Assistant V4.1.4 Workbench fix pack resolves this issue.

This fix pack can be applied to IBM Support Assistant V4.1.2 (available on the IBM Support Assistant Download Page ).

For version 4.1.2 or 4.1.3, the update will begin at start-up automatically if you have your Updater Preferences set to find updates each time the IBM Support Assistant V4.1.2 Workbench is started. Otherwise you can apply the fix pack by starting the IBM Support Assistant Workbench and going to Update > Find Updates to Add-ons. When the list of updates is returned, select the IBM Support Assistant Platform Feature. The entire fix pack will be installed and you will be prompted to restart IBM Support Assistant twice. Once IBM Support Assistant is restarted the second time, you will have all the fixes installed and will be running IBM Support Assistant V4.1.4. You can validate that your installation succeeded by going to Help -> About IBM Support Assistant Workbench. The version should show

Users who cannot access the IBM-hosted update site may download and apply the Fix Pack with the standalone See the following technical document for details: "Local update site for IBM Support Assistant 4.1 Workbench"

Note: If you are applying updates on a system where the original installation of IBM Support Assistant Workbench was performed with Administrator or root user privileges, then the Workbench fix pack will need to be applied and will need to be started with those same elevated privileges (as Administrator or root) in order to successfully install the update. This is usually a consideration for Windows 7 and Linux users.

In rare cases, the IBM Support Assistant Workbench does not restart after updating to V4.1.4. If you experience this problem, then modify the file located in the C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\IBM\ISAv41\.config directory or wherever you selected to install your User Data. Lower the vmarg.Xmx=-Xmx1280m property by 100 increments until you resolve the issue, for example to vmarg.Xmx=-Xmx1180m or lower.

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