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How to reuse SSL certificate on different IBM Rational ClearQuest Web servers

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How do you reuse the generated Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate on a second or different IBM Rational ClearQuest Web server?


After configuring SSL for ClearQuest Web server successfully, you need to configure a second ClearQuest Web server. You would like to use the same generated certificates. This is to avoid users accepting the certificate every time they try to access the ClearQuest Web server.


You can reuse SSL certificates, only if the servers have the same computer name. You cannot use the servers at the same time.

The reasons are the following.

  • The generated certificate includes the server name as part of the data. The certificate can only be valid on the server with that name.

  • SSL certificate serves to identify the server to the client. Therefore the certificate is specific to the server. Thus, you cannot use the certificate on different servers with different machine names.

  • Users need to accept the certificate only once, the first time they connect to each server and not have to accept the certificate, whenever they try to access the ClearQuest Web server.

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