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Saving members to a project or adding a user to a work item gives Invalid UUID error

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When adding and saving members to a project area in IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM), you get an Invalid UUID error.


You add members to a project area. You click Save and get an error similar to:

Saving project area failed.
Invalid UUID /jazz/web/console/_shBIECdkEeKgz90SP0VJIA] java.lang.illegalArgumentException: at valueOf( at [

The same error can occur when changing the "Owned by" field in RQM.


Using an unsupported version of Mozilla Firefox to perform the activity.


For example, this problem can happen when using RQM 4.0 with Firefox 16. However, the problem does not occur when using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.

A similar error can occur with IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) 5 when saving users to a work item and with all CLM 4.0 applications when creating project areas. In all cases, these functions work correctly. However, there was an upgrade to an unsupported Internet browsers that triggered the problem.

Resolving the problem

Uninstall the browser and reinstall it with the latest or earlier supported version. For example, lowering the Firefox version from 15 to 10 resolves the problem when using RQM 4.0.

Alternatively, you can use a supported version of Internet Explorer.

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