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Item marked as Gift item is moved into a different shipment

Technote (troubleshooting)


When an Item is marked as Gift item, it is moved into a different shipment in Create Order: Fulfillment Summary page. Also, when we try to schedule and release the order through Application Console, separate releases are created.


Simulation Steps
1. Create a sales order through COM. Add atleast 2 lines on the order.
2. On Create Order: Fulfillment Summary page, select one of the items.
3. Click on Mark Shipping Lines as Gift.
4. The Mark Shipping Lines as Gift popup is displayed.
5. Select the radio button ‘Mark lines as gift’.
6. Enter a Gift Message, click on Apply.

Observed Behavior
Create Order: Fulfillment Summary page refreshes and the gift item is moved into a separate shipment, thus showing 2 shipments for the 2 lines in the order, though both the Lines have the same shipping address and same delivery date.


This happens specifically when the Display Advanced Fulfillment Summary Screen is selected under COM Configurator > Configure Order Administration >
Configure Display of fulfillment Summary Screen. For Basic Fulfillment Summary Screen the issue is not observed.

Resolving the problem

On Advanced Fulfillment Summary Screen, number of shipments are decided based on the number of Interaction element within the output of getOrderFulfillmentDetails. This is unlike Basic Fulfillment Summary Screen , where we decide number of shipments based on addresses. Final behavior from both the screens would be the same. From COM side, no attribute is set on the order to make multiple releases/shipments. It is taken care by Foundation. While consolidating the releases, foundation looks into "GiftFlag" attribute and puts the line with Gift Flag into a separate release. Order releases with GIFT_FLAG set to Y are never consolidated with any other release.

The only difference from UI perspective is that in Basic Fulfillment Summary Screen ,we do not immediately show two shipments and in Advanced Fulfillment Summary Screen we show them immediately on the UI.

Document information

More support for: Sterling Order Management

Software version: 9.0, 9.1, 9.2

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Reference #: 1616466

Modified date: 25 April 2015