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Developer is not allowed to change DTCN profiles owned by other developers

Technote (troubleshooting)


After installing Debug Tool V 12 on z/OS the developer can not update other developers profiles anymore. This was possible in the version 11 of Debug Tool. RACF FACILITY EQADTOOL.DTCNCHNGEANY is defined and developer has update permission.


Debug Tool V 12 contains a change in the EQADPFMB file. The version 11 EQADPFMB needs to be converted into version 12 EQADPFMB.

Diagnosing the problem

Developer is not allowed to update other DTCN profiles and RACF facility is defined correctly.

Resolving the problem

If you are migrating from an earlier release of Debug Tool, and you use an

EQADPFMB VSAM file to store your profiles, you need to create a new file using the
JCL sample in member EQAWCRVS in the hlq.SEQASAMP data set.
If you want to upgrade the records from an old DTCN VSAM file to the new
record format, see the JCL sample in member EQADPCNV in the hlq.SEQASAMP data set.

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More support for: Debug Tool for z/OS

Software version: 12.1, 13.1

Operating system(s): Windows, z/OS

Reference #: 1616456

Modified date: 21 July 2014

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