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Known Issues for InfoSphere Warehouse V10.1 Fix Pack 2 (V10.1.0.2)

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This document contains the known issues and a list of APARs that were fixed for InfoSphere Warehouse, Version 10.1 Fix Pack 2 (V10.1.0.2) for Linux, UNIX, and Windows.




The following APARs were fixed in this fix pack:

  • PJ39890: Support creating SQW execution schema without DBADM authority
  • PJ38772: Columns in Oracle 8.1 can't be extracted using SQL Query Source Operator
  • PJ40094: Incorrect code generated when two Group By operators are linked with a Key Lookup operator.
  • PJ40343: Memory leak when the end count of iterator operator is a huge number.
  • PJ40380: Secure Command operator does not always return a correct code '0' - it returns '-1' randomly.
  • PJ40424: Sometimes the failure of a branch unit inside Iterator operator did NOT break the iterator loop expectedly.
  • PJ40741:There will be corrupt characters displayed on pages of SQW, CS, SysResMgmt, etc under the Russian locale in browser. Because languages such as Russian, Czech, Hungarian, and Polish are not supported, English should be displayed instead.
  • PJ40697: The Design Studio hangs while generating a DDL for a physical data model which include MQT defined
  • PJ40461 :Generation code to query MYSQL database is incorrect.
  • PJ40131 :The SQL syntax validation tool of SQL Builder in Design Studio is complaining about wrong syntax when using DECFLOAT data type

Migration instructions for WebSphere Application Server

If you install the embedded Liberty profile from WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment and you want to migrate your existing applications to the Liberty profile, follow the instructions here:


The following known issues exist in this fix pack:

Problem: When you open the Administration Console using the Safari browser, the input box on some pages cannot be edited. This is an known issue with Adobe Flash on the Safari browser

Resolving the problem: Use a supported browser to open Administration Console. ( 21836)

Problem: On Windows 7, when you use the File Source operator for your data flow and try to use the DB2 ingest facility, the flow might not run correctly. This is a DB2 issue.

Resolving the problem: Install and run Design Studio on another operating system until the DB2 problem can be fixed. (22960)

Problem: In Cubing Services, if you browse a member of an invalid cube, an error is displayed. But if you then browse a member of a valid cube, the same error is displayed, even though the cube and member are valid.

Resolving the problem: Stop and restart the Design Studio. (wsdbu01060479)

Problem: In Cubing Services, you might see error messages when you browse members of multiple cube models that access multiple databases, but the errors are meaningless. For example, you might see errors like this:

    Browse member on cube a against database b succeeds without error.
    Browse member on cube b against database B succeed with error message shown in console (like:"xxx is an undefined name")
Resolving the problem: The problems can be ignored. Restart the Design Studio. (wsdbu01060396)

Problem: In the Data Mining section of the Design Studio, the Data Preparation Profile contains two FLOAT data types. The first instance is actually DECFLOAT and is treated as DECFLOAT during processing.

Resolving the problem: If you get errors using the first instance of FLOAT, try using the second. (23346)

Problem: In the Data Explorer view of Design Studio, if you export the contents of a table to a compressed ZIP file, but set conditions that happen to prohibit any content at all from being exported, a ZIP file might be generated but it will be empty, and no error is generated.

Resolving the problem: Reconsider the conditions of your export action. (23286)

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