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When trying to log into Reporter as the Administrator I receive and error about the username/password being invalid, why?


When an invalid username/password error is received when logging into Reporter, it mean the username or password is invalid. This is usually the password. The usernames and passwords are stored in the repository. To change the password, sqlplus into the repository and then do the following:
1.) select * from tab; (verify the RPUSER table exists)
2.) select * from RPUSER; (verify the users exist)
3.) select rppasswd from RPUSER where name='administrator'; (verify the user has a password set)
4.) If there is no password returned, log in with administrator and a blank password. If there is a password, you can have the dba reset it to blank as follows:

update RPUSER set rppasswd='' where name='administrator'; commit;

This should blank the password (in the above the rppasswd is being set to two single ticks ')

5.) select rppasswd from RPUSER where name='administrator'; (verify the password is now blank)
6.) Try to log into Reporter as the administrator user with no password.

If this works, the administrator can reset the other users passwords via the GUI.

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