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WMQFTE fteListAgent shows agent status of UNREACHABLE.

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Your WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition agent is listed as UNREACHABLE by the fteListAgents command output, however, the agent is running and responds successfully to a ping. The ftePingAgent command to that agent returns successfully. Why is the agent reported as unreachable and how do you resolve this?


The agent is running, managed file transfers are flowing and the ftePingAgent command is successful. The fteListAgents command shows the agent as UNREACHABLE.


The WMQFTE agent will, at periodic intervals, publish it's status to the coordination queue manager. The frequency at which it will publish its status is controlled by two agent properties:

-The maximum rate in seconds that the agent republishes its status because of a change in file transfer status.
-The minimum rate in seconds that the agent publishes its status. This value must be greater than or equal to the value of the agentStatusPublishRateLimit property.
Using the default settings, out-of-sync clocks between the agent system and the coordination queue manager will cause this issue, if the difference between the times is greater than 303 seconds.
WMQFTE agent status messages are deemed stale, if the message was sent more than agentStatusPublishRateMin + agentStatusJitterTolerance seconds ago. An agent with a stale status message is reported as unreachable by the fteListAgents command.
By default, agentStatusJitterTolerance is 3000 ms, and agentStatusPublishRateMin is 300 seconds.
If the time difference between the machines plus the effective publish rate is greater than the agentStatusPublishRateMin + agentStatusJitterTolerance, the time difference is the cause of the
"unreachable" agent status.

Resolving the problem

There are 2 options to resolve this issue:

1. Correct the time setting differences that exist between the agent host machine and the machine hosting the coordination queue manager, so that they are in sync.

2. Increase the value of agentStatusJitterTolerance to account for the time difference. When using fteListAgents, the value of agentStatusJitterTolerance is determined from the configuration file in the WMQFTE configuration directory. The property should, therefore, be set in the file of the WMQFTE installation on which the fteListAgents is being run.

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