Positioning of scrollbar in Adjust Charges pop up on Change Payment Method screen

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Positioning of scrollbar in Adjust Charges pop up on Change Payment Method screen


The scroll bar was introduced in COM PCA8.5-HF57 as a fix for another issue.

1. Add custom control (say buttons) on the YCDPaymentMethodLineDisplay Panel using RCP extensibility tool.
2. Open an order.
3. Go to Change Payment Method screen.
4. Click on "Adjust Charges".
5. Pop up comes with horizontal scroll bar.

Observed Behavior
The scroll bar does not appear from the extreme left of the pop up window.


In the OOB screen, we focus on the first editable field which is amount to charge, as the intent of user clicking on adjust charges is to adjust the charge amount for a payment method. In this scenario, the button becomes the first editable field and hence the focus is set on that control and to show that focused control the page is scrolled to the right.


COM/SOM PCA v8.5 HF 57

Resolving the problem

This is the expected behavior. In case requirement is for the scroll bar to be placed at the extreme left by default so that the information can be viewed from there, additional fields can be added after the charge amount text box, such that the first editable field remains the same and no scrolling would happen when the popup is opened.

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