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Access denied in Java console, 0 nodes in network view

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Using Oracle Java, and populated topology in ncim, network view shows '0 nodes'. Also, Unable to get entity group status for group in Java console


Network Views show '0 nodes'


Using Oracle Java

Diagnosing the problem

As Oracle releases new versions of Java with varying security measures, some settings may have to change.

Resolving the problem

First, check which Java is enabled to be used with your browser.

Open the Oracle Java Control Panel.

Start -> Control Panel -> Java
On Windows 7 there is an extra layer.
Start -> Control Panel -> Programs -> Java

On the Java tab, click the View button.
ITNM only supports Java 1.6, and that should be 1.6.0_30 or higher maintenance level.
You can choose which Java is active for your browsers.
Also, make note of the path.

Next in the Java Control Panel, go to the Advanced Tab.
Here, you can enable the Java console if you want it. It is not necessary.
You also have some control over the default Java for your browsers. If you are using Firefox, then check the Mozilla Family selection.

Regarding web browsers,
ITNM 3.9 supports IE7, IE8, and Firefox 3.6.x.
ITNM 3.9 with Fix Pack 2 or later adds support for IE9 and Firefox 10 ESR, but only if you also upgrade TIP to version or later.

You can confirm your Java version in use by opening this URL in your browser.

If you are running the Java console, you would see an error like this for this problem.
Access denied ( hostip:16311 connect,resolve)

To resolve this problem, the java.policy file needs to be updated.
With you Windows explorer, go to the path you noted from the Java Control Panel.
Instead of going to the bin subdirectory, go into lib and then security
For example, if you noted \Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\javaw.exe
Then open \Program Files\Java\jre6\lib\security\
Edit the java.policy file.
Add this to the bottom of the file.

// This added specifically to support Topoviz Java Client for Your Site
grant {
   permission "XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:16311", "connect, accept";

where XXX is the IP address of the TIP used for the failing network view.

Exit and shut down your web browser and then restart it.

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