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Create CSV files for data sources in a Transformer Model to provide a portable testcase.

Technote (troubleshooting)


There is a need to build a Cognos PowerCube when there is no access to a network for a Cognos Package or Report or IQD based data source.

This could be used for demonstration purposes or for providing a portable testcase to support.

Avoids the need for replicating the same relational database with database scripts, data exports, matching database versions etc.

Resolving the problem

How to enable generation of CSV based data files with Transformer

1. In Transformer, File Preferences, CSV Output tab.
2. Check Output enabled and specify a folder.

NOTE: For Unix/Linux environments you can add these settings to install_dir/configuration/cogtr.xml file in the Transformer section.

<Section Name="Transformer">
<Preference Name="DumpCSVEnabled" Value="1"/>
<Preference Name="DumpCSVPath" Value="./data"/>

This will generate CSV files in the install_dir/data directory. You can specify any directory the user has write permissions.

3. You can Generate Categories and not build the Cube to create the CSV output, but ensure the Data Source Properties, General, Generate Categories is checked. You can also generate the CSV for only 1 data source by selecting 'Generating Categories for Selected Data Source' for individual data sources. otherwise a build of the Transformer Powercube will also generate the CSV data.
4. Turn off CSV Output option enabled in step 1 and 2.

NOTE: The option should only be used for creating a local CSV copy of data sources and should be disabled during model design or cube building processes.

How to replace the existing Transformer data sources with new CSV data sources.

1. Make a backup copy of the model file.
2. Right-click a data source and select Change Data Source Type.
3. In the new Data Source dialog, select: Delimited-field text with column titles. Click next
4. Click Browse, and select the replacement CSV file. Next. Finish.
5. Repeat for each data source.
6. Select from the menu, Tools, Check Model. Address any issues with column names that might differ from the original data source.

If testing or troubleshooting Cube builds with this method, you might also want to change the path and/or file name of the Powercube in Cube Properties, Output tab to prevent any testing from overwriting an existing Powercube and disable Deployment on the Cube Properties Deployment tab to prevent the any test cubes from being deployed and overwriting existing Powercubes..

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