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To purge records from yfs_iba_trigger table

Technote (troubleshooting)


Inventory purge is not purging the records in yfs
_iba_trigger table even though the LAST_IBA_PROCESSED_TS is outside the data retention period.

The only reason these are not purged is because the iba_required field is set to 'Y'

Would there be any issue flipping the iba_required field to N for these old records so they will purge?

Resolving the problem

When a item is configured as IBA, there will be situations where the records in yfs_iba_trigger table such that iba_required = "Y" and iba_run_required = "N".
Such records will not be picked up by IBA agent for processing as iba required is N.

These records are will not purged by inventory purge agent because iba_required = "Y" and iba_run_required = "N". Inventory purge will only purge the records with iba_required = "N" and iba_run_required = "N".

We have a API which can change the value of the attributes.
Using the manageItemBasedAllocationTrigger API, we will be able to
change the value of the iba_required to "N".
After running the API, Inventory Purge agent was able to purge the

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Software version: 9.0, 9.1, 9.2

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Modified date: 25 April 2015

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