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Need to understand the working of inventory management (findInventory and RTAM Sync) when an item is created arbitrarily but doesn't exist in reality

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1. Can we create inventory (yfs_item_inventory) without having a item in yfs_item?
2. if yes, can we sync such inventories via RTAM?


Need to understand the inventory management in detail.
Need to know the behavior of findInventory and RTAM Sync when we do not have an item in real but just an entry.


Steps to create an item which doesn't exist in real but is just an entry :

1. Log into Application console and navigate to Inventory tab.
2. Click the adjust Inventory option provided in the drop down.
3. Now type an item name which does not exist in the system and associate an UOM to it.
4. You shall be navigated to the inventory adjustment page, here mention the node and supply type along with the quantity.
5. Once you save this activity, a corresponding record would be attached to the YFS_INVENTORY_ITEM table.

One can view the inventory supply and demand for such non existent items through the inventory console.

FindInventory API call :

Input xml :
<Promise AggregateSupplyOfNonRequestedTag="Y" CheckInventory="Y"
ConsiderSupplementalCapacity="Y" DeliveryDateBased="Y"
EnterpriseCode="DEFAULT" IgnoreMinNotificationTime="Y"
IgnorePromised="Y" IgnoreUnpromised="Y"
IsPartialSubstitutionAllowed="Y" OrganizationCode="DEFAULT"
<PromiseLine FulfillmentType="" ItemID="RTAMtest" LineId=""
ProductClass="" RequiredQty="5" UnitOfMeasure="EACH">

Output xml :
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
- <Promise CheckInventory="Y" ConsiderSupplementalCapacity="Y"
DeliveryDateBased="Y" EnterpriseCode="DEFAULT"
IgnoreMinNotificationTime="Y" IgnorePromised="Y" IgnoreUnpromised="Y"
IsPartialSubstitutionAllowed="Y" OptimizationType="01"
OrganizationCode="DEFAULT" UseUnplannedInventory="N">
- <SuggestedOption>
- <Option AvailableFromUnplannedInventory="N"
FirstDate="2012-10-15T15:06:04-04:00" HasAnyUnavailableQty="N"
LastDate="2012-10-15T15:06:04-04:00" LeastPriority="0.00"
MaxPriority="0.00" OptionNo="1" TotalShipments="1">
- <PromiseLines TotalNumberOfRecords="1">
- <PromiseLine AutoReplacedByPreferredSubstitute="N" FulfillmentType=""
IsBundleParent="N" ItemID="RTAMtest" LineId="" NewItemID=""
ProductClass="" RequiredQty="5" UnitOfMeasure="EACH">
- <Assignments TotalNumberOfRecords="1">
- <Assignment AvailableFromUnplannedInventory="N"
DeliveryDate="2012-10-15T15:06:04-04:00" Distance="0.00"
ExternalNode="N" InteractionNo="1" IsIdleAsset="N" MergeNode=""
NodePriority="0.00" ProcuredQty="0.00" ProductAvailDate="2012-10-15"
Quantity="5.00" ReservedQty="0.00" SCAC="" SegmentChangeQty="0.00"
ShipDate="2012-10-15T15:06:04-04:00" ShipNode="N1"
<SubstituteItems />
<Procurements />
<PromiseServiceLines TotalNumberOfRecords="0" />
- <Interactions TotalNumberOfRecords="1">
- <Interaction Carrier="" CarrierServiceCode=""
DeliveryDate="2012-10-15T15:06:04-04:00" DeliveryMethod=""
EarliestDate="2012-10-15T00:00:00-04:00" InteractionNo="1"
IsDelivery="N" ItemGroupCode="PROD"
LastDate="2012-11-14T23:59:59-05:00" Node="N1" OrganizationCode=""
ShipDate="2012-10-15T15:06:04-04:00" TotalHandlingUnits="0.00">
<PersonInfoShipTo AddressLine1="" AddressLine2="" AddressLine3=""
AddressLine4="" AddressLine5="" AddressLine6="" AlternateEmailID=""
Beeper="" City="" Company="" Country="" DayFaxNo="" DayPhone=""
Department="" EMailID="" ErrorTxt="" EveningFaxNo="" EveningPhone=""
FirstName="" HttpUrl="" JobTitle="" LastName="" MiddleName=""
MobilePhone="" OtherPhone="" PersonID="" PreferredShipAddress=""
State="" Suffix="" Title="" UseCount="0" VerificationStatus=""
ZipCode="" isHistory="N" />
<Options TotalNumberOfRecords="0" />

Hence from the above test it is evident that we can adjust inventory without having a item in yfs_item.

Further, RTAM sync would not consider such inventory changes as we would not have set up any monitoring rules for such a non existent item.

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