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How do I delete more than 100 terms in InfoSphere Business Glossary at one time?

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When administering an InfoSphere Business Glossary with the Information Server Web Console, you may need to delete a large number of terms from Business Glossary.

A bulk edit or deletion can occur by clicking the Edit Multiple Terms link when browsing terms. The terms displayed show the number of Items per page as 20, 50 and 100 increments at a time. The default display is 20 items per page and the user can select 50 or 100 to change the number of items displayed per page. Once the number of items per page is set, any number of the displayed terms may be selected on the page and deleted by clicking the Delete button.

When 2000 terms need to be deleted this would be a time consuming process. You would need to tailor the number deleted to be more than 100, which is the maximum items per page displayed, but less than what would cause the connection to timeout for the particular environment.

Resolving the problem

In the Navigation pane of the Glossary tab, click Contents > Browse and Edit > Terms, Click the Edit Multiple Terms link to get a list of all terms.

You can tailor your results using the Search or Advanced Search to select terms with specific criteria.

In this example, the result set contains a total of 2000 terms to be deleted. To delete the largest number of terms to avoid a connection time-out, 500 terms will be deleted at a time. This number will vary according to your configuration.

To delete 500 terms at a time from the result set of 2000 terms, these are the steps to follow:

1. Select "Items per Page" value of 100.

2. Check the box next to Name to select all 100 terms. Wait a few seconds for the terms to show up in the Selected Terms list.

3. Now page over to the next set of 100 terms by clicking the Right Arrow on the row that says "Item 1-100 out of ...". This will bring up the next 100 terms.

4. Check the box next to Name to select all 100 terms on this page. Wait a few seconds for the terms to show up in the Selected Terms list.

5. Click the Right Arrow to retrieve the next 100 terms.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all 500 terms are selected. Now click the Delete button. This will delete all of the selected terms at one time.

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