Gentran:Server FTP communication - When sending larger files receive error message "Unknown Explanation".

Technote (troubleshooting)


CTimeoutSocket receiving...
CTimeoutSocket::SetTimeOut() called.
CTimeoutSocket timer message received.
CTimeoutSocket cancelling socket call due to timeout.
CTimeoutSocket::KillTimeOut() called.
CTimeoutSocket receive complete.
ERROR: CSocket::Receive failed: Unknown Explanation

Unknown Explanation

Found from network Capture and Server capture that a delay was occuring on finding responding packets.


Operating System, NIC or Network causing issue.

Diagnosing the problem

Create a capture for server to network during large file upload. Ask VAN to also create a capture. In this issue the delay occurred when request was made to send next packet.

Resolving the problem

Unfortunately, this is not a Gentran:Server for Windows issue. However here is a list of suggestions:

Log into the server using the the Gentran Services Windows Account. Check that server operating system is functioning correctly.

Check if NIC drivers have been changed recently or need updated

Check that DHCP or static IP address is working correctly.

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